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In a project that stands as a pinnacle of our Company’s portfolio, we had the extraordinary opportunity to work at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Tasked with the prestigious job of painting at the very top of the iconic Spire, this endeavor was not only a test of our skills as painters but also a testament to our dedication to excellence in challenging environments.

Working at such an elevated stature, literally and figuratively, the project presented unique challenges…

A few challenges while painting at 185 feet:

  • The wind/weather factor (knowing when it is too windy to safely use the lift)
  • Navigating the lift to the top of the Spire (limited mobility when over 100 feet),
  • Product research
  • Controlling where the Coating goes (making sure that the roller at the end of the 16 foot extension pole doesn’t drip or touch the orange basketball)

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